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Learn a Foreign Language in our Language Immersion Programs. For over 21 years our Foreign Language Immersion Programs have provided an easy solution for our clients who wish to study a foreign language abroad. Combine learning the language of your choice with your favorite activities for the perfect language program. In a Spanish language school, you can learn Spanish in the mornings and spend your afternoons on the beach. You could go to an Italian language school and learn to paint like the masters. Or, you may choose to learn French in a French language school and tour a vineyard for the remainder of your day. With Language Liaison, you will combine language learning with your favorite activities for the perfect program.

Our language program usually consists of language study in the mornings at the language school. The language course is then followed by afternoon and evening social, cultural, and athletic activities where you continue to reinforce your language learning.

You can improve your Spanish and enlist in a language learning course at a Spanish language school in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, or a multitude of countries in South America. For French language learning, you may join a French language school in France, Canada, or Monte Carlo. And the sites where you may learn German or attend an Italian language school can be found in those respective and beautiful countries.

Whether you are young or old, fluent or just a beginner, Language Liaison has the ethnic and educational adventure for you. Learning a new culture and language will enhance all your future vacations, allow you to break the "tourist" mold, and definitely impress your friends. To reserve your place in one of our numerous language schools and to begin your unforgettable language study, call us today!

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